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Welcome to Prevail International-Group Of Companies

A Hub Of Four Separate Sub-Corporations

Our Subcorporations, with related but distinct products, services, markets and opportunities. This company profile consolidates the 4 sub-divisions into a well-balanced offering of high quality customer service, branded, well accepted products, and our own lines of specialty and secondary services.

And these Sub-Corporates are PAULOS CONSTRUCTION a professional client-focused construction solutions, PBC BOREHOLE DRILLING a fully equipped for drilling in any type of formation (rock, sand, collapsible, etc.), ELEPHANT LODGES an intimate portfolio of luxury lodges setting new benchmarks for premium accommodation and hospitality. A full Downloadable Document have been attached for further explanation of all these corporates



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We ensureboth small and large diameter holes, and use the highest quality steel and UPVC casing to preserve the longevity and integrity of each borehole we drill. After a borehole is drilled, a water yield test is carried out to assist in obtaining an accurate yield – or flow rate – of the borehole, and determining the size of the pump to be used. Upon completion of the drilling and pump installation, the hole and the surrounding ground are rehabilitated and restored to their former condition.
1. Supply and installation of electric submersible and surface pumps, 2. Supply and installation of solar pumps, 3. Supply and installation of hand pumps, 4. Supply and installation of tanks and towers, 5. Water distribution systems for rural and urban planning 6. We also offer customized water treatment and filtration systems for our clients’ residential or commercial property as an effective way to reduce dependence on potable municipal water. At PBC Boreholes we have the expertise to develop and install a sophisticated system to completely clean any borehole and wellpoint water.
Paulos construction provides professional client-focused construction solutions in separate divisions specializing in commercial construction, residential builds, interior fit-outs, and maintenance. As a result, we have an extremely diverse range of skills that are transferrable between the divisions and a reliable provider of knowledge-driven solutions for complex construction projects. We offer general contracting, construction management, design-build, and preconstruction planning services for projects of all sizes, from a single office fit-up to a residential home or shopping complex. “We are not just building pretty layouts but understanding the business challenges and creating the solution.”
Pay 20% Of Your Total Invoice Amount When Placing An Order Expect A Lead Time Of 10-14 Days Delivery Settle The Outstanding Amount On Or Before Collection In Harare
Elephant lodges is an intimate portfolio of luxury lodges setting new benchmarks for premium accommodation and hospitality. Set in exclusive locations of unique natural and cultural significance across Southern Africa, our lodges appeal to the discerning global traveler seeking a remarkable experience. We offer an expert blend of tradition and innovation, which ultimately provides our guests with an unforgettable experience of the first-class experience into our residency.
PREVAIL MINING is a mineral development and exploration company with a portfolio of highly prospective and strategic assets which provide a pipeline of opportunities. We aim to achieve workable, sustainable solutions that benefit our clients, the environment, our societies, and each other. Our expertise focuses on all aspects of mining engineering for surface and underground mines – from study, design, and review work to project management, infrastructure engineering and environmental consulting.
We offer an in-house solution for various geophysical surveys for various exploration programs, from conception and planning to interpretation and presentation. Prevail Mining will be able to design and advise on suitable surveys for many styles of mineral systems. We go as far as doing Site Exploration. In Mining Extraction We provide both comprehensive mine planning and detailed engineering for extraction operations, all with one aim: enhancing the complex operations of the project. To achieve this Prevail Mining offers: (a) Underground measurements. (b) Simulation of diverse extraction processes and machines. (c) Mechanical and process engineering for mine development operations. (d) Integrated concepts for new extraction operations. (e) Optimization of existing mining operations.
We believe in empowering the communities we work in, hence we assist small-scale miners in gaining access to the auction floors. In Mineral Transportation and Haulage We have experience in designing haulage systems and carrying out cost-benefit analyses where appropriate to determine the necessary capacity of belt conveyors, train sets, haulers, and shaft haulage systems. Our primary aim is always to ensure overall efficiency by keeping costs and operational downtimes to a minimum.
We offer you the ability to choose your own custom braai packs, with the selection of all our A-grade meat cuts. Buy Different Types of Meat at Our Shop. Quality guaranteed. Visit Now. High-Quality Red and White Meat for Avid Meat Lovers. Buy Now. Payment Options Available.
Our engineers are professionals in their individual disciplines and have the added benefit of extensive operational experience. This enables our teams to adapt to our client's varied requirements while utilizing their experience from the broader industry. This means we can take on multidisciplinary projects, which add value and benefit our clients.